Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I talked about how exciting it was turn 21 in Seattle, WA, but the whole city was just really wonderful. I'm definitely a city girl at heart, so seeing a skyline made me so happy. We got to visit a lot of really cool sights that Seattle has to offer through walking and on a really cool "Duck Tour" which took us around the city and on Lake Union.

We were pleased to get three days of Seattle sunshine which is rare. The weather was beautiful compared to Arizona's stifling 110. Seattle was like nowhere I'd ever traveled to before. I loved the famous Pike Place Market with all of the fresh flowers, fruits, and fish. (complete with EYE BALLS!) We also went into the original very first Starbucks which was like traveling to Mecca for the Starbucks addict in me. haha

Seattle was so full of history and unique culture that I highly recommend you visit sometime. I had an amazing time there.

the original Starbucks

Pike Place Market

Touristy in front of my AZ home away from home

Famous fish throwing

Our Duck Driver, Bob La Blah

I got to sit up front while they sang "Sweet Caroline" to me

Seattle Skyline


Where they filmed 10 Things I Hate About You

Sam Baldwin (Tom Hanks)'s houseboat in Sleepless in Seattle

Seattle Grace!!

First time getting id-ed

Anthony's Fish Bar's famous Mai Tai's

The Space Needle

xx - Dan


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  2. I WANNA GO BACK!!! Seattle is SUCH a cool place :)