Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Five W's

In elementary school before we wrote short stories or little essays, our teachers would ask us to write down "the 5 W's (Who, What, Where, When, & Why)," so I thought it would be appropriate to have my first post be my five W's to introduce myself.

Who: Me! Danielle aka Dan, hence the name Classically Dan. I'm 20. I like to bake, shop, and craft basically. Most likely if you're reading this blog, you already knew that. But here I am, if you don't:

What: I think in the past I've limited myself in content for my blog when it is my space. Classically Dan leaves so much room for me to explore, much like my tumblr, but with more words. I'll basically be posting anything I want: things I'm lusting after, makeup hauls, recipes, dream home decor, book reviews, pictures, my life in a nutshell.

Where: Well obviously, I'll be posting here on this blog haha. But I live in Arizona and usually will be posting from here:

When: Fingers crossed that I'll be posting at least once or twice a week. No promises because it will depend how busy I am with work and what not.

Why: Well, I've truly missed having a real blog besides mine and Hannah's lovely Beauty Forum. I also lost the password and email to my old blog, Sprinkle Me Sweet. I thought it would nice to start fresh in 2012 anyway. 

This week will most likely be full of posts about me and my life, kind of like one of those great what happened last week intros that lots of television shows have. I'm excited to have my outlet back because quite honestly, tumblr has been making me crazy with all of the nonsense and drama and anonymous crap that's everywhere. Before I go, definitely go check me out on twitter, youtube, and pinterest. My links are those super precious little buttons in my sidebar. Oh yeah and I've also started a page for the books I've read this year. So far those are only the first two Hunger Games books, but I highly HIGHLY recommend you check them out if you haven't. There's seriously something in those books to spark everyone's interest!!

xx - Dan

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