Sunday, January 29, 2012

Old Navy Haul

There's something about shopping for Spring that is so exciting. Don't get me wrong I love the layers and coziness of winter, but by January I definitely miss florals and bright colors. I was really excited to see how much Old Navy had that was brand new and right on trend for Spring 2012. I definitely tried to limit myself to pieces that I knew would get a lot of use in the coming season. I also abide by the CPW rule. What's CPW, you ask? Cost Per Wear. You take the price and divide it by the number of times you think you'll wear it before the season changes. It helps me decide whether that $50 dress is worth it or if the clearance $7 oversized blouse is unnecessary because it won't get enough wear.

xx - Dan


  1. I just love Old Navy and I just got the green top above! I got it in green and black. Love them!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. Great minds think alike haha! I'm sure they look fabulous on you, Jayme! :)