Monday, February 6, 2012

Bamboo Organizer for Makeup

I have a love/hate relationship with organization. I love love love buying organizational pieces and the really clean look of a freshly organized space, but I truly hate the actual process of organizing. It's usually tedious and time consuming. Since the pros do outweigh the cons, organizing is helpful. I'm constantly looking for new ways to store my makeup collection. I think I enjoy watching youtube beauty gurus storage and collection videos far too much. A lot of them have a dedicated space on or in their desks/vanities dedicated to their everyday/most used makeup products. I thought about how much time it would save me if I did that myself.

I've been on the hunt for a kitchen flatware organizer that would suit my needs and budget well. Today at Walmart after picking up a few plastic flimsy ones, I found an expandable bamboo one for only $8 called the Anchor Hocking Bamboo Expandable Junk Drawer Organizer. Similar pieces actually retail for upwards of $20 or $30 on Amazon, which is crazy.

The organizer is very sturdy, but not too heavy. As you can tell, it expands to have two longer compartments on the side. All of the little dividers are actually removable to create custom size spaces for your specific needs, which is really unique to this piece. It holds so much and fits nicely on my desk. One of my favorite things about it are the middle compartments because I use the top one to fit both of my NAKED palettes stacked perfectly!! 

I love that I can separate items like my face brushes, eye brushes, lipsticks, eye bases, and concealers. It makes things so much easier and less annoying to dig through in my drawers. I know it seems ridiculous to be excited about something so trivial, but when you find something that suits your needs so well, you can't help, but want to tell everyone. :)

xx - Dan

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