Saturday, February 4, 2012

Office Loving

My free time is frequently spent on Pinterest and other blogs. Besides the obvious makeup and beauty product blogs, the next most frequented ones for me are home decor and interior design. There's something about a well put together living room that absolutely makes me swoon. As most of you know, I unfortunately still live at home. Besides having freedom, I really cannot wait to decorate my apartment and home one day. That's what I'm really most excited about. Once and awhile you'll see posts like this one showcasing really great interior design ideas, so I have one solid place for my favorite pictures one day when I need the inspiration.

Lately I've had a crazy desire to have an office. I truly have no need for an office right now, but there is something so elegant and fun about them. (I'm sure when I have my own bakery and I'm constantly in there doing paperwork, I won't think that.) I love really simple and classic designs with cute accents and colors.

These three pictures are from one office, Emily's, from Cupcakes and Cashmere. If you've never visited her blog, you must. She's fabulous. I love her style of home decor. It's all unique and different in each room, but together it's cohesive. These pictures are from her apartment tour with Apartment Therapy. I will also include some of my favorites I've pinned too. 

I love love love Tiffany blue (Robins Egg Blue). It's one of the prettiest colors and I love the way it looks on the walls in this room with the white furniture. They pair perfectly together.

This color combination is so simple, but unexpected. I am dying over the bright pink desk. It's so great.

Again with the white furniture, haha. I love the picture frames on the shelves behind the desk and the really fun floral rug. 

This desk is simply organized and the big whiteboard really is a great addition above the desk for easy viewing. 

I love collages, so I was instantly draw to this one for an inspiration board of sorts. It would be really easy to brainstorm having a lot of pictures and clip outs pinned on there. Again a white desk. haha. 

UGH. While this is only a desk, lamp, and chair, the setting is ideal. That view is to die and if I can't have a kitchen overlooking the ocean or water one day, it will be my office that has that spectacular view. 

There are some of my office picks. I hope you enjoyed a peek into my decor style.

xx- Dan

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