Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Favorites

HAPPY JUNE LOVELIES!!! When you're reading this, I'll probably be fast asleep after three super duper long days of 7 or 8 hour shifts at work. I always feel more productive when this actually goes up early on Fridays anyway. 

  • GT with not so much L- Lately my weekdays have started out with a lot of the Gym. It's my perfect start to the day because I feel more productive and energized. I've been following it up with some tanning because come on who doesn't get a base tan before Alaska...(*crickets*) Okay, I also just like having color with my rocking bod, guys. Just kidding. haha
  • Spring Beauty Vox Box- I can't really remember how I found out about this amazing website called Influenster, but I'm so so glad I did. Basically, you get FREE shipments of products that fit your lifestyle to try out and review (similar to BzzAgent, except for it's usually multiple brands of products at once.) I was so excited to get my Spring Beauty Vox Box after my Birchbox was a bust. I was super pleased with the products I received and will be doing an overview of all of them here soon, so look out for that!!
  • Arm Parties- Everyone and their mother is into stacking and mixing and matching bracelets and watches right now. I'm planning on bringing just a whole ton of bracelets with my rose gold Michael Kors watch to accessorize on vacay. I've found some of my favorite stacking bracelets at Forever 21 (here, here, and here), Windsor (here, here, and here), and Target (here and here).
  • Neon colored jeans- I'm finally finally FINAAAALLY joining the neon jeans party. I'm trading my royal blue and red jeans for these fabulous lemon yellow ones from American Eagle.
  • Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15- I fell in love when I bought the Sephora Sun Safety kit and was so excited to finally get my hands on my Sephora VIB Birthday gift of two minis of the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments. They smell amazing like lemonade and they're so moisturizing. They even come in different tints. They're pricey for the full size, but so so worth it. 
  • Scarves- I'm a huge scarf girl in the fall and winter, but not so much in the spring and summer. But lately I've been loving adding that finishing touch to an outfit with a fun colorful light feeling scarf. It's a wonderful pop that just completes any outfit. 

What are your favorites this Friday? Leave them in the comments and have a wonderful weekend everyone!

xx - Dan

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  1. I love the scarf!! The pastels look amazing on you!!