Saturday, June 9, 2012

iPad and Instagram!

HEYYYY EVERYONE! I'm officially in vacation mode. I had my last shift at work yesterday and they even let me go early because I was that excited and ready to be done. I was practically skipping out of the restaurant. haha. It's also OFFICIALLY less than 24 hours until I'm 21 yay!! As most of you know, I'm leaving tomorrow for Seattle which is my actual birthday, so I won't be able to celebrate with all of my friends and some of my family. Basically, this whole week has been little mini celebrations and I enjoyed every minute of it. Along with that, I got two of my big gifts, so they'd be able to accompany me on the trip from my Godmother/Aunt and also from my Nonno (meaning Grandpa in Italian).

The first was one thing I've been wanting for a long long time and I can honestly say it was better than I could have imagined: my iPad...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeps!!! I'm so very lucky to get such a really nice gift from her.
Me leaving the Apple Store

Two of the first apps I downloaded were Instagram and Instapad. Being a poor, pathetic Crapberry user haha, I did not get to experience the beauty of Instagram until now. I get to enlarge the Instagram iPhone app and upload pictures now too!! (Soooo hipster, ya know. haha) I thought I'd share some of my pictures since I've had it and invite you to follow me (@Daniefaz) for pictures from the trip, my arm parties, outfits, and various adventures!!

Share your favorite instagrammers to follow in my comments and don't forget to follow me @Daniefaz! :) 

xx - Dan


  1. Ugh, majorly jealous of the iPad, but so happy for you! I'm trying to cut back on spending so that I can maaaaybe afford one.

  2. I need to join the iPad club, but for now, I'm going to steal the boyfriend's hahaha

  3. I am dying for the iPad, but hubs has yet to budge even though I found it at QVC on easy pay!!