Thursday, April 26, 2012

Affordable Statement Necklaces under $40

Everyone and their mother has an obsession with statement necklaces this season and therefore posted a blog about it. I've honestly never been big into chucky, obnoxious necklaces. I prefer chunky, obnoxious bracelets all stacked together into an arm party haha. But ever since I saw one episode of ULookHaute's youtube vlogger competition, "Beauty Vlogger Bootcamp" with Elle and Blair where they're both in plain t-shirts with statement baubles, I've been hooked.

I'm always looking for a way to dazzle up the plain t-shirt since I can frequently be found in a white or black scoop or v-neck with jeans. I love the idea of using a statement necklace to make something simple absolutely pop! So far my search for a bold necklace has come up short since I'm trying to stay on a budget. I really don't like to invest in jewelry that I don't think will stay in trend for a long time like larger statement necklaces. There are lots of more expensive options, but not as many cute cheap and not tacky ones. I scoured the mall for cute Danielle like pieces and frequently found ones that were feathered, super tribal, or beaded like a first grade art project at the price I wanted. Boo.

I turned to the internet and here's what I found for all of you lovelies in my boat: looking for a lovely statement piece to add that finishing touch to a simple outfit every day.

From left to right:

xx - Dan

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