Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Doll House Room Decor: Furniture Haulin'

We got the keys today!! We officially have a new house. We're moving in on Saturday and slowly, but surely all of the pieces of furniture for my room are coming together. I'm very excited. Here is a very small picture of my new doll house sized room.

I'm excited to share how I put everything together on a budget in a super small space! (10x10 anyone!?) The first post in this series of Doll House Room Decor will be this one and it's a furniture haul of sorts. I'm going to share the pieces that make up the foundation of my room. I was very limited space wise, but I found these to be my essentials to create a great place for me. I'm also including my bedding which I feel to also be a basic piece of my room.

(Glass Accent TableTarget)

(Blanc de Blanc HeadboardTarget)

(Puckering Comforter Set, Target)

(Versailles 3 Drawer Mirrored Chest, JC Penney)

(Brushed Chrome Garment Rack, The Container Store)

(Billy Bookcase in White, Ikea)

(Solsta Olarp Chair, Ikea)

As you can see, the mirrored and white theme is very prominent. I definitely was going for a very clean and romantic feel for the room. Also, there is no bed included in the above list because I'm keeping the same frame I currently have and just trading out the headboard for the new one from Target. The chest is definitely considerably smaller than what I'd like, but it will be used mainly for extra storage since I do have a walk in closet now.

I'm excited to put everything in there and see how my vision comes together. I definitely will be posting more on my blog about other aspects of my life, when there are other aspects haha. I've been seriously consumed by the new house, so once we're settled expect some other types of posts.

xo - danielle

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  1. That is all so cute!!! I can't wait to see it when it's done!