Thursday, April 12, 2012

Friday Favorites

I've been neglecting my monthly favorites, oh well. Life happens. I'm going to "TRY" to do a weekly favorites gather up post like this one. Life has been extremely crazy for me and I'm working on a few new time consuming projects all while preparing for a move to a brand new house. It's a lot. I'm overwhelmed to say the least, but I'm excited for it all. Share with me your favorites in the comments down below!!

(From left to right)

  • Maybelline Illegal Lengths Mascara- One of my absolute new favorite mascaras of all time, it adds fibers to the ends of your lashes to make them look seriously fake and long and fabulous!
  • Jewelmint Starbound Ring- I love this rose gold unique ring. It's a definite conversation starter and adds an interesting touch to any outfit. Picture of me wearing it here. (Coupon code for Jewelmint 65% off - JM11)
  • Mix No.6 Chanel Floral Wedge Sandal- These were my Easter wedges of choice and they were so comfy and easy to walk in. I got a lot of compliments on them and they're def going to be a staple spring shoe for me. 
  • Easter Sunday- I had a wonderful Easter spent at church, then having an amazing time with my family eating and playing baseball (in a dress mind you!). It was relaxing and great. 
  • Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask- This mask is perfect for those with acne prone/oily skin. It smells like heaven, literally like chocolate cupcake batter and draws out any impurities while softening your skin like crazy! It's a must purchase in the Lush store (not sold online)!
  • NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in Sunny- I've never been into matte bronzers until I found this one. It's soft, smooth, and is very natural (not orange at all!!). It's also only $3!!! AWESOME!

xx - Dan


  1. I honestly don't know how I didn't try it before!!!