Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Favorites

Hey y'all, it's been too long. :) Okay only like a week, but still. This past week has definitely been a mixture of the great and the not so great. The positive is that the great definitely outweighed the ehh stuff. I was very excited to post my Friday Favorites for this week, so I could share with you some of the things that went on this week like Mother's Day, my brother's football championship, GLEE!!! (Ya know, the real important things in life.)

  • Glee- I could seriously write like six or seven posts on Glee alone and why I am seriously so addicted to it, but this week was probably one of my favorite episodes of all time. (SPOILER ALERT: They win Nationals and it's absolutely amazing!) Everything about this week's two hour awesomeness was perfect. Courtney and I laughed, cried, and it was great. We're very emotionally invested okay? 
  • Fifty Shades of Grey- I wasn't planning on giving into the hype these books are generating, but I obviously did. I can't put this one down. I'm almost finished and it's definitely not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but it's a fun mindless read. 
  • Courtney- I needed that Tuesday best friend time like crazy. Courtney just gets me. It's wonderful. After she got off work, we got dinner (Chipotle of course), and then Starbucks before going home to watch Glee. She's probably one of the most amazing people I've ever met and I'm so glad to have her in my life, seriously. Plus, she gets just as emotional about Glee as I do.
  • Mother's Day- Thankfully I got Sunday off from work to spend the day with my Momma and the rest of my family. Despite all of the stress from the past few weeks of moving and whatnot, I'm very very glad to have my Momma. She's a wonderful person who has sacrificed a lot and always put her children first.
  • Palladio Herbal Lipgloss in Eleventh Gorgeous- OBSESSED WITH THIS. Seriously. Two of my favorite youtube girls, Stephanie and Tracy, designed this lip gloss and it's perfect. It's such a flattering pink that smells like heaven. Of course heaven to me smells like cupcake batter. It's so inexpensive at Sally's Beauty too! I even bought one for my best friend, Rachel, for her birthday package! It's a must try. 
  • Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple- I don't know how I didn't fall in love with this before since I've had it for over six months now, but I watched Michele1218's Battle of the Red Lips and was so wowed by it. It's a beautiful wearable red for day time or night. I line and fill in my lips with Prestige Lip Liner in Red Brick and then applied this. It gives a beautiful glossy red lip that I got a lot of compliments on. If you're looking for an easy red lip, definitely pick this up!
xx - Dan


  1. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself after Glee Graduation :'(

    1. You and me both. :( I'm freaking out. It's moving to Thursdays next fall too. Like what the heck!?