Sunday, May 27, 2012


Two weeks from today, I'll be on an airplane to Seattle with my family. As with pretty much everything in my life, I'm really excited, but also really anxious because I have to pack. We will be leaving for Seattle on my birthday, where on the 12th we'll be leaving for a 7 day cruise to different ports in Alaska. YES, Alaska in June. Now, you see why I'm having packing anxiety. If you know me at all, you know I have severe issues with packing. I'm known for overpacking to the max even for one night or three. It's me that my dad worries about when we're at the airport getting our checked bags weighed. My average bag weight is like 49.7 lbs, which is ya know only .3 lbs under the limit before there's an extra fee tacked on. We're still two weeks away and he's already freaking out about it.

I know that my biggest problem is procrastinating. I always wait till the very last moment to pack and end up throwing random things into my suitcase. (Much like this Jenna Marble's video.) Since I still have a little bit of time to plan, I wanted to at least start early since a majority of what I'll be packing won't be worn in the next two weeks anyway.

I'm going to document this process through a few posts in the coming weeks, so y'all can see how this is happening each step of the way because I'm really determined to pack as minimalist as possible. Lauren Conrad said it best in her book, Style, (which I highly recommend by the way) "The idea is to bring a few key pieces to create the illusion of an entire wardrobe, and it is best if those items take up very little space."

I'm taking a less than traditional approach to packing my clothing and accessories by using this:
a garment rack. 

We'll see how it goes.

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xx - Dan


  1. Half the fun in a trip for me is packing! The unpacking is the real blister! Hate it!

    1. Oh goodness, it's the opposite for me haha!

  2. Our Alaskan Cruise started in Seattle, then went up to Ketchikan, Juneau, Victoria (British Columbia), and turned around at Glacier Bay. I remember packing: sneakers, flats, heels (for formal dinners), one bathing suit (even if you're not lucky enough for a HOT day - it happens! - they will probs have a jaccuzzi), two nice dresses (for formal dinners), mostly jeans, long sleeved shirts, a few t-shirts, light jacket, heavier coat, pair of shorts for when the sun is out, PJs... leave room for souvenir shirts! I had to layer a few because my bag was getting too heavy hahaha true story!

  3. Also: flip flops, sunscreen, and whatever they advise you to wear on excursions (for example, something you don't mind getting dirty on a hike or fishing trip)... and if you get the chance, have a hot stone massage on board. It helped with my seasickness (or maybe I thought so because I was soooooo relaxed and the maseusse was a cutie). They might offer a big reusable cup - get it. You'll save money that way! Try the buffet at midnight! Be sure to go to the shows and play games with the cruise staff! Make friends with the waiter at your table and take tons and tons of pictures :)

    1. Your advice and help has been absolutely monumental, Coral. I finished packing and think I'm satisfied with my choices! I definitely overpacked as you'll see in my newest post, but I'm just ready for anything haha.

      xx :)